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Upscale watches

At Viareggio historic location, as well as browsing the pages of our website, you find an extensive choice of brand name watches, Baselworldvery latest news together with the most valued models fromthe old collections, the timepieces who are in watchmaking history. Just like when you come to our store, this website offers the same services, the same professionalism ofPasquali Domenici Jewellery. Precisely because class never happens by accident.
Swiss luxury watchmaker

Switzerland has always been considered the land of master watchmakers anditcertainly pioneered luxury watch houses; here,research and innovation go hand-in-hand with the precision and the tradition of timepieces, thus the label “Swiss Watch” is synonymous with great quality. Therefore, looking through watch brand headquarters it is possible to draw a map of Switzerland where the celebratedlocationsare positionedin their own canton.
Swiss watchmaking map

Chopard at Geneva, Maurice Lacroix at Zurich, Longines at Saint-Imier; at Le Locle alone, Neuchatel canton, in strict alphabetical order,there areMido, Tissot, UlysseNardin and Zenith headquarters. Moreover, the American Hamilton, famed for original automatic movements, moved from Pennsylvania to Bienne, the historic homeland of the Swatch watches. Thisimportant Swiss map finally includes GrenchenforBreitling, NyonforHublot, HölsteinforOris, Lengnau forRadoand La Chaux-de-Fonds, located in the Neuchatel canton too, forCorum and Tag Heuer.
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