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The history of Hublot Watches begins in 1976 when Carlo Crocco, his founder, finished the experience with the Binda band, moved to Switzerland and create the MDM, with the goal to produce watches that would joined different materials like rubber and gold. The success is not immediate, but began when two royals like King Juan Carlos of Spain and Carolina of Monaco started to wear these models. Immediately they earned the appellation, “Kings Watches”. In the following years, the creation of the first Chronograph model and the addition of stones and precious materials leads to creation of other watches internationally appreciated.

Hublot watches are mainly equipped with rubber strap (alternatives are classic leather or jeans). The case consists of: steel and gold, titanium, carbon, high-tech ceramic, etc. Closes the whole thing the iconic bezel composed of six screws shaped like H. Different types of Chronographs tourbillon, with perpetual calendar, flyback, with alarm repeater offer an attractive product for men who know what they want.


After Carlo Crocco sold the business to French Jean-Claude Bivier. Born in 2004, Big Bang watches collection determs Hublot’s entry into the élite of Watchmakers world, acquiring numerous awards around the world and bringing a marked increase in sales. In 2008 it will join to Louis Vuitton group. In 2010 with the acquisition of BNB Concept, Hublot became a real manufacturing, consolidating his success with the new "Spirit of Big Bang" collection.
Hublot Watches: watches internationally appreciated
From the Hublot Watches site: watches internationally appreciated.
Hublot Watches: into the élite of Watchmakers world
From the Hublot Watches site: into the élite of Watchmakers world.
Hublot Watches: a real manufacturing
From the Hublot Watches site: a real manufacturing.


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